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School Advisory Council

The SFCS School Advisory Council enables representatives of the school community to work cooperatively with school administrators in the affairs of Catholic education as advocated in several declarations of the Second Vatican Council, and supported in numerous articles of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. The purpose of the Council is to advise the Administration and to promote effective programs of religious, intellectual, cultural, social and physical education for the students of St. Francis Catholic School. The Council is not responsible for Administration or the details of administration. Any member may bring proposals that affect school policy before the Council.

The function of the Council is:

  1. To promote the Mission of the school and that of Catholic education to the St. Francis Catholic School community and the Hilton Head Island area.
  2. To develop, define, and recommend policy to the Administration for the Pastor’s approval.
  3. To create and recommend a long-range plan to the Administration for the Pastor’s approval.

School Advisory Council Members

Rev. Michael J. Oenbrink, Pastor
Rev. Ronald J. Farrell, Pastor, Holy Family
Brian Pope, Principal
Jennifer McGlynn, Assistant Principal
Susan Sherry,  Co-Facilitator
Connie Killeen, Co-Facilitator
Bob Gregory, Member
Lois McCue, Member
Jerry Manuel, Member
Meredith Johnson, Member
Mandy White, Member
Kelly Jolley, Member
Donna Bafundo, Member
Suzan Graziano, Member
Jodi Krepfle, Member
Megan Dresher, FSA Facilitator