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“A person who never made a mistake, never tried anything new.”

Albert Einstein

First Grade

First grade is an awesome year! It is filled with so many “firsts”! We work on building a community within the classroom and respecting each other. When students enter the classroom, we instill in them a love of learning and that learning is combined with a love of our Catholic faith. We teach our students that we are a family (after all, we spend a lot of time together!) and that we need to make choices based on what we think Jesus would do.

Students in first grade will learn and grow while laughing, making mistakes and learning from them and most of all, they will have fun!

Second Grade

Second Grade will be making quite a “splash” this school year!  We are beginning our year with an ocean theme to include Language Arts, Math, Science, and of course, Art!  This unit will o-“fish”-ally start in August and we will continue this “turtle”-ly awesome theme throughout the year!.  (All of our lessons will have a special “porpoise” to include God’s wonderful ocean creatures, as well!)

The rest of the year should be “whale”-y successful as we begin our Reading series, start on our “Pathfinder” journey, and master new Science lessons.

And the entire class will “shore” look forward to celebrating their First Reconciliation and First Communion!

The class should be “Happy As Clams!

Third Grade

Third Grade is a year of tremendous change for children. Up until now they were learning to read, but now they will truly start reading to learn!

Fourth Grade

In fourth grade, students continue to grow socially and cognitively. Being responsible for one’s own work and learning organizational skills are two key components in our classroom. Lessons and projects are designed to allow every student to be successful. The Golden Rule - treat others the way you want to be treated - is the most important rule in 4th grade.

Fifth Grade

Fifth grade is an exciting time. Fifth graders are preparing for middle school and becoming more independent learners. Our fifth graders have their own iPads to use in our classroom, which they use to do research and create Keynote presentations to show what they have learned.

The fifth grade curriculum is full of many interesting units of study, including the study of space in science class, and the students enjoy creating their own space projects. Our Social Studies curriculum begins with the Westward Expansion and ends with the Cold War era. Two major units in the fifth grade math curriculum are fractions and decimals. The fifth graders also do several hands-on STEM (Science, Technology Engineering, and Mathematics) projects throughout the year.

Just as the fifth graders did last year, this year's class will participate in the STARBASE program at the Beaufort Marine Base Air Station for an entire week. There they will learn 3-D printer design, talk with Marine pilots, and spend their days with many "hands-on, minds-on" learning opportunities.

Note:  The Diocesan Religion Curriculum was revised in 2018 and is being implemented as a work-in-progress.

The former Religion curriculum can be found here.