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A new school year is about to begin!

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St. Francis Catholic School Athletics

At St. Francis Catholic School the academic and spiritual development of the student is of primary importance. The purpose of the St. Francis Catholic School Athletic Program is to support this guiding principle and the school’s mission statement by providing an opportunity for all St. Francis Catholic School students to represent their school while learning the many lessons of good sportsmanship, teamwork, respect for authority, and greater understanding of the importance of consistent practice to achieve a goal. St. Francis Catholic School strives to encourage and promote the active participation of all SFCS students in representing our school, regrdless of skill level.

The athletic program is committed to providing opportunities for each individual student-athlete to reach his or her highest potential while developing the qualities and spirit of a Catholic Christian. As a Catholic school, SFCS upholds Christian values and principles. Though our athletic teams strive to win in the sense of having the best score, we recognize the real value of Catholic school athletics is realized only if it fosters the development of the human person—both in spirit and in body—by cultivating Christian character, strengthening personal integrity and responsibility, and promoting the pursuit of excellence in all endeavors.

Participation on a team is a privilege. With this privilege come responsibilities in the areas of preparation, attitude, sportsmanship, and academics. These responsibilities exist both in and out of school, both in athletic and non-athletic settings. 


Volleyball (grades 5 – 8)
Cross Country (grades 5 – 8)
Cross Country (grades 5 – 8)
Basketball (grades 5 – 8)
Cheerleading (grades 1 – 8)
Basketball (grades 5 – 8)
Soccer (grades 5 – 8)
Baseball (grades 5 – 8) (if numbers are sufficient to field a team)
Soccer (grades 5 – 8)


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February 11, 2020
February 11, 2020
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February 17, 2020
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February 18, 2020
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Thursday, February 20
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Sunday, February 23
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